You made it to the secret, friends and family page, this is where the Heroes come to buy ECOMI.

Always remember, fortune favours the brave and the very first step towards success is to become interested!

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Nothing on this page should be taken as financial advice and never forget that you will always be your own best adviser!

Jump on YouTube, watch some videos, you can become your own adviser and with a little more curiosity, even “Hulk  Smash!” your financial future, to the moon!


I can’t wait to hear your personal crypto story, so lets get started today.

ECOMI is not yet listed on any major Exchange and is not yet simple to buy. 

Once a major Exchange listing has taken place, it will become simpler to buy but we will no longer be able to buy at these prices.  

The easy 5 step way to buy ECOMI, the other ways are much harder:

1.  Create an account on the Exchange.
2.  Deposit money by buying Bitcoin.
3.  Sell the Bitcoin to generate USDT.
4.  Buy ECOMI.
5.  Keep your ECOMI safe.

Note: You can only buy OMI, the native Token of ECOMI with USDT.  We buy Bitcoin on a Debit Card and then sell Bitcoin to get USDT.

Captain 1080

Lets get started.
Take a deep breath.
We doing this in 5 easy steps.

Step 1:

1.  Create an Exchange account using this link.

Exchange link:

if you just need the referral code then its: 2757595

1.1.  Verify your SMS and EMAIL address before you can trade. Go into Settings, then Security Center and complete the SMS and EMAIL verification.

You can skip Google 2FA if you like. The Exchange requires you to verify all transactions with SMS and also many times via email too. Its good enough for most people. You can also use Google 2FA but its optional.

Step 2:

2.  The Exchange uses a Wallet for Storage and a Spot Account for Trading.

2.1.  To Deposit Money, Buy Bitcoin with your Debit Card, it will deposit Bitcoin into the Exchange Wallet.

2.2. If using your Debit Card, sign into Mercuryo  to complete the “one time verification” of your first transaction by uploading any photo ID.

One time debit card verification:

Step 3:

3.  Transfer the Bitcoin from the Exchange Wallet to  the Exchange Spot Account, then Sell it to receive USDT.

Step 4:

4.  Once the Bitcoin is sold, find OMI in your Spot Account then place your Buy order, you can buy all in one go usually by clicking on “All”.

If you find your orders are not being fulfilled within a few minutes then cancel the order and place several smaller orders.

Step 5:

5.  Once all the OMI is bought, its better to transfer it to the VEVE App or an offline Wallet.

The VEVE App is the native App from ECOMI and can be used to Store OMI or Buy licensed NFT Art and Comics.

You will have to turn on the OMI wallet in the VEVE App to hold OMI inside it. The feature can be found under “Profile”, then “Wallet” in the VEVE App.

VEVE App download link: Digital Collectibles

Alternatively, you can store OMI in the Trust Wallet.

Trust Wallet download link:


Take a new deep breath, you made it. You are now part of the ECOMI family and all set to smash it.


Shhh it’s a secret! tell everyone.

You can also buy Cardano, Bitcoin,  Ethereum and many other harder to find crypto currencies on Bitforex before anyone else.

Once your bags are stacked, share your story with other friendly neighbourhood heroes, pass on the gift, lift others up, take your team with you.

Lastly, leave the ECOMI alone, the longer its left, the better. The wild price storms will come and go. ECOMI needs time to do its thing, one day you will wake up to witness a bright and compelling future.

Life will never be the same again!


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